Dog Obedience Training Classes

We pride ourselves on maintaining the most high-tech training methods, utilizing humane training tools for the most effective instruction for each dog.  Our accomplished trainers are educated in psychology and animal behavior, to understand and customize the needs of each individual case. We know that it takes more than obedience training to help your dog/puppy to become a perfect companion. We are here to help with all your training needs such as problems at the door, digging, getting in the garbage, barking, chasing other animals, dog aggression, and any other problems you could be having with your dog/puppy. 

Dogs On Cue utilizes effective training methods to achieve happy dogs and happy clients.  We want our clients to understand their dog's natural tendencies, so they can effectively attain their desired results, while maintaining a happy environment for their dog.  We pride ourselves in being able to fix any issue with your dog, we don't give up on any dog, even those who have failed other training programs. We are here to help your dog become a loved member of the family without any frustration or sacrifice. After our training program is complete, your dog will be completely reliable in any environment whether it be camping, on vacation, street fair, on walks, or just in your own yard. We are enthusiastic to give honest evaluations, so please do not hesitate to ask: remember we're here for you and your dog!

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Dogs on Cue is a full service dog training company. We believe every dog, with a willing owner, is trainable (regardless breed, age or issues).  We work with all breeds of dogs in all levels of training.

Dogs on Cue Offers:

Obedience Training
Daycare & Train
In-Home Personalized Training
Board and Train
Puppy Training
Advanced Skills
Pool and Swimming Safety
Service Dogs
A team of qualified dog trainers
And more! Just ask.

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